There will Always be ups and downs

Moving to Malta was the easy part. To move to a new country when you suffer from anxiety and depression is another thing. It sometimes takes all you got just get out of bed. And suddenly you’re suppose to go out and make friends and be social. Last night was one of my worst days in a long time. Ofc I was sick on top of it and had no strength. Lucky for me I have ppl to talk to and they understand me so well. Same as my boyfriend. 

Like I read that ppl suffering from mental illness use all their strength to act like their well. And it’s hard. To put on your smile and behind the mask you just wanna scream! And ppl around you don’t understand why you say no so much and at some point they stop asking. Then you get more antisocial and get in a bad circle. 

I’m happy to see that there are more in the social media about mental illness but not all is good. Everyone of us is handle our issues differently but I can see so many writing about it as a manual how to act around ppl with like anxiety and etc. 

I think the best is to really get to know the person. What do they need and how they react to what’s happening around them. 

So take care of each other and remember we are all worth the same;)

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