A whole new life and adventure❤️

This story I’m about to tell you now is how I ended up in Malta. A year ago I didn’t even knew where this little island was and actually had to google it. And I was amazed! This was a paradise for me. 

But the reason I even came here is because of the man in my life. We met after many years apart and after a few months we fell in love. A real lovestory. He moved to Malta for work and because he used to live here before. 

So in august I came for my first visit and instant fell in love with this place. The sun,food, and the people. Everyday felt like a vacation. And I just sucked it all in. So I started to travel back and forth from Norway and we took our time to see this was gonna work between us. 

And now this is my new home. I still go to Norway every other month to see my kids and friends. But that’s a whole other story. Now I’m taking a new step and live another life. I have made some really nice friends and do some volunteer work. It’s been a long and hard winter to adjust to this. But it’s so worth it. 

To take this chance and live life for me for once feels good☺️ 


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